One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed Columnist

Thanks to Speakin Out News and to our many dedicated readers. The weather is very unpredictable these days with it very cold one day and in the 50’s the next. We are lucky and shouldn’t complain though, as the weather is very bad in some of the states.

Remember this is Black History month and there are a lot of events around town occurring in celebration of it. I am so sorry I missed the Martin Luther King’s breakfast at the VBC this year. It is always a great event with so many people attending and hearing the messages.

I enjoyed this past weekend as my son and his wife let me and his wife’s mother spend the weekend with them in their home. My grandson who attends Auburn also came home for the weekend and was there. It was like a being on a family vacation without leaving town. My grandson will be graduating from college this spring and the family hopes he finds a job in Huntsville.


The tearing down of the parking garage in front of City Hall continues to bother me so much and I cannot get it out of my mind. My son and I drove downtown yesterday and they have put fences all around the building. People were walking from everywhere with no good place to park. The employees are also complaining about having to walk so far to get to work. Where will the people needing to go to the courthouse park and does our Mayor and the City Council care. This is going to hurt the businesses downtown for the next 2 years.

The current parking garage building is the right size and is going to be replaced with a big ugly red brick building. It is like there is no open space for fresh air anymore around the historical buildings and this will ruin our downtown. The planners and decisions makers need to be fired and the leaders that voted to tear the garage down I pray get voted out of office. Mr. Dallas Fanning who was once in the planning department, would never have been a part of this move.

I received a package in the mail from Governor Kay Ivey’s office on preserving historical buildings that had been approved by the Historical Commission. I made copies of the document and gave them to Mayor Battle, the City Council and others to read as it stated that any building over 40 years should be protected and not torn down. The council and mayor all said they did not get the copy. Maybe if they would have read it, they would not be making this terrible decision to tear down the parking garage and Municipal building. I have been meddling in POLITICS over 30 years and have never seen so much city property be classified as surplus by the City Council and given to big developers for 50-year leases and very small monthly payments.

Who came up with changing the City Council agenda and moved the public speaking until the end of the meeting? The agenda is now a mess as the council has already voted on the issues before the public gets a chance to speak.

Love you all and have a blessed week.