Decision 2022: What Republicans Are Actually Saying In Their Campaign Ads

By Sandra Beckcard, Speakin’ Out News columnist

Huntsville, AL – Its political campaign season again. This time the ads are for the Office of Governor and who will represent local Districts in Washington. So far the only ones that have been shown on television are for Republicans Kay Ivey, Tim James, Lynda Blanchard, and Mike Durant. In the past when a political ad would come on I would immediately change the channel.

This time I decided to look closely to what is being said. NOTE: In all the ads every candidate boasts that they support “Election Security.” That’s code for “the election was stolen from Donald Trump and we must change the election laws. Plus, we support the attempt to over throw the United States Government.”

TIM JAMES – He has two “Fight Back” commercials running. In the first one his statement was “they think America is racist, they think America is evil, they say there are 50 genders and want to teach that “crap” to our children” He doesn’t say that he got the information about genders from Facebook. In 2014 Face- book introduced dozens of options for users to identify their gender. His fight is with Mark Zuckerberg. Also in this Ad, which looks like a foreign propaganda film, he has photo shopped (it looks like it was a cut & paste job) Chuck Schumer”s and Nancy Pelosi’s heads on some else’s bodies. Yes, I caught that. The second commercial is no better.

He says “this may be our last chance to get it right.” There are some people who will not fall for lies.

KAY IVEY – She has two commercials running. In her first one she stated that she banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) showing a classroom of all white students. The Republican Anti-Critical Race Theory movement is the teaching that the white race should not be made to feel badly about anything they have done in the past, which is part of America History and can’t be changed. They say that it is “divisive.” When white conservatives talk about divisiveness they are referring to the things that make white people uncomfortable. They don’t care if it alienates people of color. The second commercial has been changed a little. “Better Not Hold Your Breath.”

LYNDA BLANCHARD – She says “she will fight for Trump’s wall…Okay. Then she just comes out and says that “the election was stolen from Donald Trump…

MIKE DURANT – He says that Washington is filled with career politicians who didn’t serve this country but he praises Trump who got out of serving saying that he had a “bone spur” and called anyone who served in the Arm Forces “losers”. Go Figure this one out.

Waiting on Mo Brooks and Dale Strong.