One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed, Columnist

Thanks, Speakin Out News and to our many dedicated readers.  I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.  We also had Presidential day with a lot of people getting off from work. This month we are also celebrating Black History month.

I will be happy when the time changes back and the weather is warm again. It will not be long as time passes so fast. As the Master tells me to get my house in order and to take care of my friends. Your age just keeps going up but of course age is just a number as I told Governor Kay Ivey when she was running for Governor.  My children have taken great care of me since I broke my shoulder, and I am now done with therapy.  It is hard to get your balance back once you lose it so please be careful as it is so easy to get hurt.


I am sad that I missed my second Council meeting this year. I had only missed about 10 other meetings over the last 20 years, but I am sure I can catch up as to what I missed and what is going on.   As I said before, the Ordinances on everything are changing for signs, front and back yards, alleys, and many others. These changes are ruining our town.  Do you think THIS CITY COUNCIL or our Mayor cares?  Director Mr. Dallas Fanning would not have gone along with all this.


Making appointments for vaccines is not easy because an estimated 4.2% of Americans do not have wired Internet at home especially in minority and low-income communities.  Do not forget the old fashion phone and using newspapers to find more up to date information.  The road to eliminating COVID-19 is going to be long and paved with uncertainty.  How affective will the vaccines be in preventing COVID-19?  Do vaccines have to be perfect to have a perfect health benefit?   Peoples immune system have a lot to do with how the virus affects them.  People who have survived COV-19 and those vaccinated against the disease will probably be protected against the disease for some time.  It is likely the booster shot will booster their protection.  I was reading where it is best to avoid painkillers unless you take them for a medical condition.  Taking painkillers might interfere with what the vaccine is trying to do so check with your doctor.  Try an extra strength Tylenol as it is safer because it does not alter your immune system.


I am so glad that Trump was Acquitted from the Impeachment as enough money and time has been wasted on this. It is time to start helping the people like they were elected to do. As you may know 7 Republicans voted to convict the former President. It was a long hard road for President Trump and his staff, as many have retired and quit their jobs.  I am sad to hear of Senator Richard Shelby not running again as he has been good for Huntsville.                     

Thank you all and have a blessed week.