How did proDonald Trump protesters get into Washington DC’s heavily guarded Capitol building?

 By Alexis Moran

Capitol police taking pictures with rioters

Donald Trump supporters in Washington DC broke into the Capitol building, attacking police, smashing windows and knocking down doors as Congress was expected to vote to affirm Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential win.

Rioters made it into the House Chambers, where US politicians had to be evacuated, and also into the offices of some officials.

So how did they get past heavily guarded police and into the building?

Some Capitol police let people through barricades

Vision emerged online of police opening barricades to let people walk towards Capitol Hill.

Unconfirmed vision that was live streamed on social media also showed police guards inside the Capitol taking photos with some protesters.

Protesters came prepared with riot gear

Videos posted online also showed protesters fighting with Capitol police officers as police fired pepper spray to keep them back.

But some protesters brought a dispersing spray of their own.

Many were also seen wearing gas masks and protective helmets.

Crowd antics ramped up when people began storming police lines on Capitol Hill and smashing windows. In one video a protester is seen smashing a window with what appears to be a police shield. Crowds gathered to ambush entrances of the building, pushing guards out of the way.

Others dispersed around the front of the Capitol and some climbed scaffolding and banged on windows.

They shoved into the Capitol’s corridors and quickly made their way up multiple levels of the building and into the Senate chambers. Capitol police seemed to be outnumbered.

The White House said National Guard troops along with other federal protective services were sent the Capitol to help end the violent occupation.

Armed FBI agents were also seen wearing bulletproof vests on the streets of Washington.

Once they got inside, guns were drawn

In the House Chamber, guards were forced to barricade the entrance and draw their guns as protesters attempted to break in.

One woman was shot and died, but it remains unclear how the incident unfolded.

Despite the police presence inside, a protester made it into the office of House speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

One man managed to sit at her desk and rest his feet on it.

The same man also made it back outside the Capitol building.

Protesters eventually entered the House Chamber and posed in front of the Speaker’s chair while holding American flags.

Other people also began looting.

Some protesters walked freely out of the building observed closely by guards.

Order began to be restored when more national guards showed up to enforce a 6:00pm curfew in the city.

Heavy force and tear gas pushed people back from the steps of the Capitol.