Violet Edwards Sworn In as Madison County Commissioner


(ABOVE) Madison County voters made history this week by electing Violet Edwards as the first African-American woman to the County Commission.

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Violet Edwards was sworn in as the Madison County Commissioner representing District 6 on November 11, 2020. Ms. Edwards will be sworn in by her sister, an officer of the court, Ms. Raven Perry-Beach. Ms. Edwards makes history as the first women to represent District 6 and the first African American women to serve on Madison County Commission.

Ms. Edwards announced her transition team headed by Samuel Greene who will serve as the Transition Team Lead. The members of her team include: Dr. Patricia Sims who will serve as the Workforce Education Advisor. Mr. Samuel Christopher who will continue his role as campaign manager representing the Violet Edwards campaign. Ms. Tukessa Coleman-Lacey who will serve as the Economic Development Advisor. Mr. Christopher Lee who will serve as the Transparency & Government Affairs Advisor. Mr. Hunter Hoskins who will serve as the Fiscal Responsibility Advisor. Mr. Matt McCutcheon who will serve as the Workforce Development Advisor. Dr. Teresa Orok who will serve as the Entrepreneurship Advisor.