Submitted by:  Sandra F. Beckard

Huntsville, AL – When a television show is coming to an end or being cancelled you are upset if this was one of your favorites, or overjoyed if you thought that it was non-sense and bad. “The Reality Show from the White House” that was/is scripted by an individual who is mentally unstable and given an “Emmy” by the Republican Party will forever be merged together. Don’t forget that when some shows are cancelled they go into syndication and live on. We must never forget the main characters and all the supporting cast members of this show who are being led by the obstructionist Mitch McConnell who will continue to empower this mad man until January 20, 2021.

When the Biden/Harris team won the election, several Republican Senators called to congratulate him. While this might be notable because it’s traditional, they are still members of the Republican Party and will stand together when it comes to getting what “they” want. Susan Collins was one of them who called. Remember she said that “an appointment to the Supreme Court should be done by the next administration and she would not vote to move the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett forward.” She lied and fell in step with all the others. The Republication Party has all its eyes on the run-off race in Georgia.  Should they win these seats they will remain in power and stymie everything that President Biden will try to get accomplished. Remember this when it is time to vote for Senate seats in 2022.

For the 73,110,783 people who voted for the re-election of the current occupant in the people’s house they are upset, and for the 78,666,153 people who voted in a new administration they are overjoyed. As you can see this country is still very much divided. The question I have is, “are all the people who voted for this delusional, want to-be-dictator, really that racist, or just that afraid of the truth about America’s past? These issues will not go away anytime soon.  As with Moses and the Israelites, generations had to do die before they reached the “Promised Land.”