One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed, Columnist

Thanks to Speakin Out News and to our many readers. This has been a beautiful week but the temperature has been a little hot. I hope all the fathers had a happy Father’s Day Sunday and received a lot of thanks and love from their families.

My smart phone and is too smart for me. I need to go to a class and learn how to use it. There is a lot of news and information available on the phone, both good and bad. I was surprised to find out that someone had posted me speaking at last week’s City Council meeting on TikTok. Some of my grandson’s friends called him and told him about it and over 70,000 people have liked the post.

It is hard for me to quit discussing politics as there are so many things changing. Who is making all these changes and poor decisions? I hope the next President and administration can work all this out and get this country back as good as it was?


It is hard to know who to vote for in this election as there have been so many TV commercials with candidates bashing one another. I wish the candidates would focus more on the issues and tell us what they intend to do for us the citizens if they get the chance to go to Washington to represent us.


Why did our planners, Mayor and City Council want Huntsville to be the biggest city in Alabama?  Who came up with this idea that bigger is better? I do not believe the citizens were involved in helping to make any of these decisions.

We have had road problems for some time with the condition of our streets, speeders and traffic and it doesn’t seem anyone is doing anything about these issues. The developers are getting what they want in all directions and are being given a lot of our city’s property called Surplus property to do with what they wish. We need the City Council agenda back the way it was before this administration changed it. We want all the items classified as surplus on the agenda along with the addresses of the property and what is being done with it. The City Council does not read all the agenda items anymore either and only allows the public to speak at the end of the council meetings.

City Leaders plan to close the Derrick North homeless camp. The city owns land around the homeless camp and is planning to sell it to a local business owner. The Southern Poverty Center, the American Civil Liberties and Alabama Arise have joined Huntsville’s homeless advocates urging the city not to close the camp. The city arranged a survey last week and they have found rats, syringes and many other things at the homeless camp. The 30- 40 homeless residents have been given until July 1st to leave.  Scott Irvin, the Director of Community Development says the conditions at the Center are bad. The city plans to keep several camps open but Derrick Street North will shut down next month.

Love you all and have a blessed week.