The GOP and Selective Amnesia

For those of us who are living today we are witnessing history in real time. The implosion of the Republican Party. The Party that allowed a mad man to take control of it with the help of many of its members.  These members tried on January 6 to end Democracy as we know it. They encouraged these terrorists, and some participated, in having the flag with the name of this mad man on it to be waved on the steps of the Capital Building instead of the American Flag. Now they want America to forget that this happened. The man man’s supporters say that he should not be impeached because he is no longer in that position. That’s like saying we should not have a trial for an individual who broke into a house and wanted to kill the owner because the villain relocated to another state. The world knows that he was in that position on January 6, 2021.

There are very few Republicans who are willing to stand up for the country and not the party.  For those who have had the courage to do this, they are being bullied by their own members, who were taught well on how to bully by you know who. Now that President Biden is in office the Republicans are crying “foul” because this administration is moving on without them. They have “forgotten” that six out of the eight years of President Obama’s term they controlled both Houses. Then they got four more years with a mad man. We should never forget what this party did and is still doing in order to get a dictator in the country’s highest office.

The ugly truth is that Republicans would rather “burn the house down” or destroy democracy than accept the fact the America’s demographics has changed. In other words “The Browning of America” is driving them crazy.