One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed, Columnist

I want to thank Speakin Out News and our many dedicated readers.  Hope everyone had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.  A day to thank God for family, friends, life and health.


Alabama Senators advises caution and concern about the coronavirus and says the number of cases are on the rise. Mayor Finley from Madison says none of the numbers look good.   Alabama’s seven- day average now stands at 2,181 cases per day after topping 2,000 for the first-time last Sunday.  The State reported 2,638 new cases on Wednesday and 2,424 on Thursday.  Please continue to pray for those with the COVID virus and their families as this is a very serious epidemic.


Governor Kay Ivey announced on Wednesday, a $200M program to help businesses, non-profit and faith-based organizations with 50 or fewer employees with losses and costs resulting from COVID-19 pandemic.  The money comes from the $1.8 billion the state received from the Coronavirus Aid Relieve and Economic Security Act passed by Congress.   The businesses could possibly receive up to $20,000 for expenses caused by the virus.


Please tell me SOMEBODY, who is running thus City?  Where is the money our leaders are spending coming from?  I watch them vote on many costly issues and projects but they never seem to have money when it comes to giving city employees a decent raise. Shane Davis and John Hamilton give a presentation at the City Council meeting and then the Council members all vote to approve.  I read about the plans for a new children’s Fantasy Playhouse Complex where the City is pledging $200,000 to the $12 million project at Holmes and Triana Boulevard.  Our leaders are saying all these things are good for our future.  What happens when the leaders are no longer in office and we are stuck with the debt?


There is a rumor that we will be short on toilet paper and paper towels again so go stock up before it is to late.  Might make a good Christmas present as the stores are already running out.

Love you all and have a blessed week.