One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed Columnist

Thanks to Speakin Out News and to our many dedicated readers.  Please consider taking the weekly Speakin Out Newspaper. Seniors get a discount and the paper can be delivered to you. Thanks to Mr. Smothers for putting together such a good newspaper. My column is called “One woman’s Opinion” and cover’s a lot of information about what is going on at City Hall. 


I have been a resident of Huntsville since 1958 and have attended meetings at the City Council, Planning, Zoning and many others for over 30 years. I am shocked and disappointed in Huntsville City Leaders.  The City Leaders should be accountable for their planning. There are many changes to the city ordinances like setbacks, alleys, right of ways, rezoning, utility easements, and surplus property owned by the city that never gets mentioned at the meetings. Check out the building being built on Governors Drive across the street from the Post Office and the large building at 14th street.  Why did they build these so close to the street? What happens in the future when Governors Drive need widening? I question who is running this city. I have lived thru 4 Mayors; Davis, Hettinger, Spencer and now Battle. I have never seen anything like this current administration.


Please read in Sunday’s Times about the new City Hall. I heard the tearing down of the garage across from city hall would occur in September but in last week’s City Council meeting they announced it would now be October 1st. A picture of the new building was shown on the front page of Friday’s paper and it looks ridiculous.  It will ruin our city and tear up a beautiful downtown. Very sad our leaders think a 50-year-old parking garage needs tearing down when AmSouth Parking garage and many others have been here a lot longer than it.  A developer wants this property and the city will not discuss who this developer is.  I believe that a lawsuit should be filed against the Administration over this situation.


I asked for a Press Conference last week to publicly ask the City what the current City Hall property is going to be used for but the tv station reporters told me they had to talk to their administrators before interviewing me. I believe that Mr. John Hamilton is a city manager instead of city administrator because he is the one that discusses issues about City Hall with the newspapers and seems to be running the mayor’s office. I went to the City of Madison and broke up the City Manager’s Job there and it seems like our city is making the same mistake. It is a sad day in Huntsville when the County Commissioner, Dale Strong, says we need to keep the parking garage downtown, but the city will not listen to him. It is time to vote all the City Council members out of office.

Love you all and have a blessed week.