One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed , Columnist

I want to thank Speakin Out News and our many dedicated readers. Thanks to the Smothers family for being a part of my family and being so good to me. I am working on getting my house in order as we do not know about tomorrow. In 1966 my husband died in a plane crash with 4 other NASA employees coming back from the Daytona 500 races. The plane ran out of gas during a storm that caused them not to be able to land in Huntsville and they were sent to Columbus Georgia. He was buried in my hometown of Sparta, Tennessee. He was 33 years old and I was 30. I had him moved to Huntsville about 4 years ago to Maple Hill Cemetery. I now have 8 cemetery lots in Sparta that I need to sell. My family does not need to be left to take care of things like these.

I was in a 3-car accident a few weeks ago leaving a City Council meeting and about a week later I fell and broke my shoulder. Thanks to all those that prayed for me and thanks to God as he is taking good care of me. I am going to therapy twice a week and getting back to normal.


What a surprise in our elections as I have NEVER seen such a mess. President Trump was my choice though I do believe he should not tweet so much and should not be telling all of his business over social media. I do feel that anyone that has not voted by the Tuesday election day should be allowed to vote. Having election ballots be counting 4-5 days after the election is ridiculous in this day and age. The new President, Joe Biden NEVER did discuss the money that he and son took from other countries and that concerns me. Also, when I see Obama and Clinton moving to help him in the White House, we all need to be concerned. The Obama Health Care cost money that is being taken from our checks. Who will pay for all the free Virus medicine given to the public? Let’s all keep our eyes on our government and make sure it serves all the people equally.


The schools are moving to virtual again and the virus cases keep getting worse. With winter coming it will be more serious. Many have cancelled ball games and gatherings around town sending a message that you cannot be too careful. There continues to be more than a thousand deaths a day. Please be careful.

So much I want to write about that is in the papers but I will bring it up later. Life is a mystery. Be careful and pray every day, have FAITH and believe. There was a song named “My God Is Real”, that my father led at many Sunday Signings. Listen to it if you have not heard it.

Love you all and have a blessed day.