AAMU and United Way Collaborate for Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment

Alabama A&M University and the United Way of Madison County have joined forces to conduct a thorough evaluation of the community’s needs. This strategic partnership aims to gather essential data to better understand and address the critical issues facing residents.

UWMC recently encouraged everyone living or working in Madison County to participate in a brief survey designed to identify key community needs. Researchers with the AAMU-RISE Foundation spearheaded the 2024 Community-wide Needs Assessment, ensuring a detailed and unbiased analysis.

The AAMU team leading this initiative includes:

Dr. Sheri Jenkins Keenan, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Primary Investigator (PI)
Dr. Nachiket Thakkar, Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance, Co-PI
Dr. Randy Barbour, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Mildred Delozia, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Dr. Florina Dutt, Assistant Professor of Community Planning

Additionally, recent Master of Social Work graduates Natosha Ceaser and Stephon Boone also contributed to this important project.

“Being a part of the Huntsville, Madison County community, Alabama A&M University is excited to provide this support,” said Keenan. “The goal of the assessment is to obtain an independent analysis of the challenges facing residents, particularly in health and human services.”

Produced every 3-5 years, this report not only guides United Way in addressing community needs but also provides businesses and corporations with expert advice on investment opportunities. It assists volunteers in maximizing their impact and supports nonprofit health and human service sectors, local governments, schools, and community organizations in securing grants and developing programs. Additionally, newcomers and residents seeking reliable information about local needs will find valuable insights in the report.

The findings will be released later this year, presenting a data-driven, unbiased analysis of the challenges facing Huntsville and Madison County residents. The project is supported by a multi-disciplinary committee of experienced professors and university students from AAMU and the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

“Involving a reputable partner like Alabama A&M University ensures the report’s quality remains unbiased and reliable,” says Daniel Kasambira, President & CEO of The United Way of Madison County. “Our community relies on this objective data, combined with community input, to inform services and collaboration.”

President Daniel K. Wims of Alabama A&M University stated, “AAMU-RISE Foundation is proud to partner with United Way of Madison County and AAMU’s College of Business, headed by Dean Timothy Mantz. This collaboration ensures that community investments are optimized using focused, data-driven reports generated by the best faculty and students from AAMU and UAH.”