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County Commission Chairman Mac McCutcheon outlines the comprehensive 10-year, $101 million road plan for Madison County during his State of the County address at the Von Braun Center, emphasizing a proactive approach to address growth and traffic demands.

HUNTSVILLE, ALA- BAMA — Madison County is embarking on an extensive 10-year, $101 million road plan, as revealed by County Commission Chairman Mac McCutcheon during his State of the County address at the Von Braun Center on Tuesday. Distinguished from projects managed by the Huntsville Area Metropolitan Organization (MPO), which currently total around $400 million, these initiatives focus specifically on county roads and intersections.

McCutcheon outlined a comprehensive strategy comprising 29 road projects, some of which have already undergone engineering work, with initial funds invested by the county. Acknowledging a historical trend of being more reactive than proactive, McCutcheon emphasized that this plan is designed to address the challenges posed by growth and increasing traffic demands in Madison County.

The chairman highlighted the population surge, exceeding 400,000 residents, with 125,000 living in unincorporated areas. Expressing concern over the impact of new developments on traffic, McCutcheon emphasized the necessity of addressing connectors, traffic flow, and safety issues.

Funding for these projects will be sourced, in part, from the Rebuild Alabama Act, utilizing gas tax revenue. Additionally, a county road funding pool is being established using revenue generated from county savings accounts.

Two specific projects in the plan were emphasized by McCutcheon – improvements to two intersections on Slaughter Road and two off McKee Road in the northern part of the county. This includes the implementation of a roundabout and a light-controlled intersection. McCutcheon explained that ad- dressing intersections and incorporating turn lanes can be effective in managing traffic without necessitating extensive road widening.

Furthermore, the plan encompasses work on Dug Hill Road, with a focus on long-standing drainage issues. Other key components involve improvements to Jeff Road, Blake Bottom Road, Alabama 53, and Wall Triana Highway, as well as safety enhancements to bridges on Elkwood Section Road and Pulaski Pike. McCutch- eon emphasized that the realization of these projects will require time and sustained effort.

In addition to the road plan, McCutcheon announced a substantial long-term investment of $50 million in water service infrastructure, including the construction of a new tank. This initiative aims to meet the growing demand for service and address water quality concerns in the county.