Alabama Sen. Katie Britt on Tommy Tuberville’s delay of military nominees: ‘First, we have to protect life’

By Mike Cason

Sen. Katie Britt on Tuberville’s holdup of military appointments

U.S. Sen. Katie Britt said she supports a solution to Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s hold on military nominees that would also result in a change in the policy that is the basis of Tuberville’s actions.

Tuberville is holding up hundreds of nominations because of his opposition to the Defense Department policy that covers expenses for women who travel to undergo abortions because the procedure is illegal in some states.

Britt spoke with reporters Friday after speaking and taking questions for about an hour at a Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

“First, we have to protect life,” Britt said. “So, when you look at the policy that was put in place by the Biden administration, it violates the spirt of the Hyde Amendment — taxpayer dollars, something that we have always said are not going to go to fund or facilitate abortion. So, finding a pathway forward that continues to protect life and at the same time allows to move these priorities forward, that’s the priority of the (Republican Senate) conference right now.”

Tuberville has maintained the holdup despite pressure and criticism, including from other Republican senators, who say the delays are affecting military readiness and families. Britt was asked if she agrees that the delays are affecting readiness.

“I come from a military community,” Britt said. “I am from Enterprise, right outside the gates of now Fort Novosel (previously Fort Rucker). So I have seen the importance of our service men and women and their families.

“So, it is a priority of mine, to figure out how we put them in the best place possible. So that means continuing the conversation within our conference, which is what I’m going to do to try to get a resolution and be able to get these people confirmed and make sure that we protect life. So, we’re working on that right now.”

Britt told the Montgomery Chamber about her trip to Israel with a delegation of nine senators two weeks ago. The senator said the United States must stand strongly behind Israel in its war with Hamas. She described horrific acts against carried out by Hamas in its Oct. 7 attack.

Britt called for stronger sanctions against Iran because of what she said was its support through funding and training of terrorist groups.

The senator, who took office in January, said she made three trips to the nation’s border with Mexico during her first two months in office. She said the country faces a humanitarian and national security crisis because of the flow of people trying to illegally enter the nation.