Beckard: MAGA GOP, Ukraine, Impeachment Inquiry, Border Crossing, and Cuts in the Federal Budget

By SANDRA F. BECKARD, Speakin’ Out News staff writer and Jackson State University graduate

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an opinion article. The articles expressed throughout this newspaper are the sole opinions of the individual author or groups that express them, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Speakin’ Out News. 

When looking at why the MAGA GOP is so bent on not giving military funding to Ukraine, you don’t have to look far. It’s right in the face of America, but many people have forgotten or brushed it aside. It’s revenge for the madman who formerly occupied the White House.

The first impeachment of Trump came after a formal House inquiry found that he had solicited foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election to help his re-election bid and then obstructed the investigation itself by telling his administration officials to ignore subpoenas for documents and testimony. The inquiry reported that Trump withheld military aid and an invitation to the White House to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to influence Ukraine to announce an investigation into Trump’s political opponent, Joe Biden, and to promote a discredited conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, was behind interference in the 2016 presidential election. When Trump called the State of Georgia to “find” votes, he had previously tried the same tactics with the President of Ukraine to get him to admit to something that wasn’t true. The racist GOP is still seeking revenge for this madman. They are trying to attach the word “impeachment” to President Biden, but they have no evidence. Truth always prevails. 

The Border Crossing is terrible and getting worse. Republicans always go there for photo opportunities but never speak about what solutions they might have to help, always blaming the Biden Administration. Remember when their talking points were about “Repeal and Replace Obamacare.” It’s been two decades and nothing. Don’t think for one minute that a plot is not being thickened. The MAGA GOP wants to change the ACA/Obamacare and federal laws to give consumers choices to purchase lower-cost and lower-value insurance plans that have fewer guaranteed benefits and coverage protections. As for the border crossing, when the talking heads on TV ask these individuals why they risk coming to this country, the answers are always “for a job to help my family back home…” The American public is unaware that companies here are advertising job openings in the poorest parts of these countries. You won’t know this if you are only going to the Resorts. These immigrants are being promised jobs, but instead, they are being used for political reasons. 

In less than 45 days, we will see if the Federal Budget will get approved with cuts that the MAGA GOP wants. They want significant cuts to social programs. Racist conservatives have been pushing this for years, but some really “evil” government officials are listening to a madman today. When a racist uses the word “social” when discussing the budget, it means any program that will help the most vulnerable people. A racist is thinking this will only hurt people of color. They are so wrong! Poor White people, you fall in the “social” category, too: programs like daycare for your children, programs that help with medical bills, etc. Your friends in Congress want to cut any program that enables you to survive daily.

Once upon a time called now, Democrat or Republican, America is becoming a “third world country,” but the MAGA faithful does not care.