How a $6,000 wedding dress got to a Birmingham Goodwill and sold for $25: ‘Hey Mom, we went viral’

By Tandra Smith

Im so freaking excited about this find, i may not even use it when it comes to the day because im not getting engaged or married for awhile but maybe its fate lol also jlo has worn this brand as well #galialahav #galialahavbride #goodwill #weddingdress @Galia Lahav

An Alabama sample wedding dress shop and a Louisiana bridal boutique have come forward as the donators of a wedding dress that was recently the subject of a viral TikTok.

In the video, a woman said she bought a wedding dress for $25 at a Goodwill store, not realizing at the time that it was worth $6,000 and designed by Galia Lahav, an Israeli designer whose work has been worn by Beyonce and Paris Hilton, among other celebrities.

Bustle, a sample wedding dress shop in Birmingham, recently shared the news to their social media pages with the words, “Hey Mom, we went viral,” followed by numerous white hearts.

According to the business, the dress was originally at I Do Bridal Couture’s location in Covington, Louisiana. It had gone through several sample states, but was still waiting for the perfect bride to select it.

Ramsey Sims, the owner of I Do Bridal Couture, eventually reached out to Bustle owner Meredith Carter and shipped the dress over to Alabama, Bham Now reported.

It hung on the racks of Bustle for awhile before the pair decided that they should donate the $6,000 designer wedding dress to the Goodwill on Green Springs Highway.

Then, Emmali Osterhoudt bought it for $25 and the rest was history.

Osterhoudt’s TikTok about the find got over 3 million views and nearly 500,000 likes.

“We are so excited to share our little piece of this BIG story! We can’t wait to meet Emmali and bring her into the shop,” Bustle shared to their Facebook page on Friday afternoon.