Alabama fans hurl racist, homophobic slurs at Texas players: ‘Saddens my heart,’ Tre Wisner’s mother says

By Mark Heim

Alabama fans wave their shakers during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Texas, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023, in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt)AP

Frustration on Saturday night at Bryant-Denny Stadium turned ugly when it appears a group of Alabama fans yelled racist and homophobic remarks at Texas players during the Crimson Tide’s 34-24 loss.

A video surfaced on social media of Texas players being harassed with slurs while they were celebrating on the sidelines.

Taunts of “go back to the projects” are among the comments made.

UPDATE: The University of Alabama released a statement on the incident

Warning: Language in the video includes racist and homophobic remarks.

A mother of one of the players spoke out on “X,” the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Angie Wisner, whose son Tre was on the sideline, posted, “The fact my son down there and they saying go back to the projects really just saddens my heart that as his mother no matter how old he had to listen to that!”

She also claimed parents of Texas players were spit on and hit with beer cans and water bottles.

She added “…what the parents in the stand went through was definitely Disrespectful and Disgraceful! All those boys are on a full scholarship at a wonderful school!”

April Finkley, mother of Texas defensive lineman and Hewitt-Trussville graduate Justice Finkley, said she had a similar experience. “Our game day experience included being harassed because our son is a “traitor” and having beer cans thrown at our section the whole game.”

While Texas players were experiencing the ugly side of sports, one Texas fan took to Reddit to thank Alabama fans for their hospitality.

“Texas fan here, my wife and I attended our first Visitor game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. She was very nervous that she’d be, as she put it, ‘confronted’ by Bama fans. I just wanted to express gratitude about our entire experience visiting you guys. The home fans were great, they were very welcoming and contributed authentic and genuine conversation with us.

“This allowed her to relax and enjoy the game and atmosphere. The entertainment from the stadium during the breaks was a blast (specifically when everyone lit their camera phones). We both have an immense amount of respect for Alabama and their program. We’re looking forward to the many future games our teams will have together, and we hope to be back soon. Roll Tide.”