Alabama man wins $1 million from Publisher’s Clearing House, but isn’t home to collect

By William Thornton

Edwin Walker of Albertville won $1 million through Publishers Clearinghouse on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2023.

Publisher’s Clearing House came to Alabama to award a $1 million check…but no one was home.

The well-known contest from the direct marketing company sent its “Prize Patrol” to Albertville this afternoon to find Edwin Walker.

But according to Howie Guja of the Prize Patrol, the winner wasn’t at home when the announcement came.

Walker, on his lunch break, was coming back from Cullman.

That allowed the Patrol to wait for him at his business.

“He was super happy,” Guja said. “It was a nice moment.”

According to the company, it never notifies the winner in advance that the prize is coming.

But it’s not rare to arrive at an empty house.

Sometimes winners are at work, shopping or off doing errands when the check arrives. However, chances have been better in recent years with the rise of work-from-home jobs.

Guja said maybe four out of 10 winners aren’t home for the announcement.