How much more women in Alabama pay for car insurance vs. men

By Leada Gore 

Across the country, women for roughly $19 more a per year for auto insurance, according to a recent study. The difference is even larger in Alabama.

According to a recent study, U.S. women pay roughly $19 more a per year for auto insurance than male drivers. The difference is even larger in Alabama.

Insurance quote site recently compared the state-by-state costs for what women pay for car insurance vs. the amount paid by men. The site found that while male teenagers pay more for insurance than female teenagers, women pay more in later years. On average, the site found that men pay $720 per year vs. $739 per year for women.

In Alabama, men pay an average of $1,469 a year for auto insurance vs. $1,517 for women, a difference of $49.

The study found the greatest difference between male and female insurance rates were in Alaska – $1,006 vs. $1,384, a difference of $378.

Women do, however, tend to see a slightly smaller increase in their insurance premiums after a driving incident with men paying more after a speeding ticket, accident, or DUI.

The average rates used in the analysis are based on thousands of quotes for full-coverage car insurance in random ZIP codes across the country for drivers 18 and 35 years old with excellent credit and no accidents. The vehicle used for data is a 2012 Honda Accord LX with 16,000 miles in annual mileage.

Why do women pay more?

According to the analysis, there’s no “clear answer” as to why women may more than men.

“In 2017, the Consumer Federation of America found that women between the ages of 40 and 60 paid more for minimum liability coverage than men with similar histories. Looking at the underlying factors used to calculate claim risk level, there doesn’t seem to be a clear and constant risk factor in women drivers’ histories to reveal a reason for the cost difference,” it noted.

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