Permits issued for $9.5 million Decatur 3M, $4 million Huntsville Hospital projects

By Scott Turner

Aerial photo of the 3M facility in Decatur, Ala.

Expansions at Decatur’s 3M plant and Huntsville Hospital are among the most expensive projects issued building permits in the last week.

They are among four projects in the Huntsville area issued permits exceeding $1 million, according to Southern Exposure Information.

The city of Decatur issued a permit for a $9.5 million building for the 3M facility at 1400 State Docks Road near the Tennessee River.

“The permit recently issued to 3M by the city of Decatur permits multiple capital upgrade projects at the Decatur site,” said company spokesman Grant Thompson. “These projects include upgrades to facility and utility infrastructure, safety improvements, ventilation system improvements, and process upgrades. These investments contribute to the facility’s safe working environment while supporting our ability serve our customers with important products they rely on.”

Decatur also issued permits for a $16 million expansion at the plant in June.