Alabama House Democrats reelect Anthony Daniels of Huntsville as minority leader

By Mike Cason 

(LEFT – RIGHT) — Rep. Anthony Daniels of Huntsville will continue as the House minority leader. Pictured above is Rep. Daniels speaking with Rep. Laura Hall, also of Huntsville. (AP)

The Alabama House Democratic caucus reelected Rep. Anthony Daniels of Huntsville as House minority leader on Monday.

Daniels, a former teacher who was elected to the House of Representatives in 2014, has held the leadership position since the caucus first picked him in 2017.

The 28-member caucus also elected Rep. Barbara Drummond of Mobile as caucus chair, Rep. Mary Moore of Birmingham as vice chair, and Rep. Kelvin Lawrence of Hayneville as secretary/treasurer.

Daniels issued a statement after last Tuesday’s election saying he was honored and humbled to work with the group.

“We will continue to promote practical and meaningful legislation and policies that highlight our pro-growth, pro-innovation platform,” Daniels said. “Right now, we are already working hard to prepare our 2023 legislative agenda to continue our focus on strengthening economic growth, access to quality health care, education innovation, mental health care, affordable housing, and justice for all.”

The newly elected Legislature meets for an organizational session in January and will start its regular session in March.

On Thursday, the House Republican caucus picked Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter of Rainsville as House speaker to replace Mac McCutcheon, who is retiring. The full Legislature will officially elect the speaker in January. Ledbetter is all but assured of winning the post because Republicans hold 77 seats in the 105-seat House.