Submitted by Phyllis Jones, Speakin’ Out News, Senior Staff Writer

State Rep. Anthony Daniels discusses strategies for ‘Get Out The Vote’

Alabama Minority House Leader, State Rep. Anthony Daniels, D-Huntsville, speaks at a press conference after Alabama State House session. (Facebook)

There are 40k registered African-Americans in Madison County, who do not vote in every election. Alabama State Representative Anthony Daniels (District 53-D) is focusing his efforts on trying to educate people about the importance of this upcoming election. He is seeking help from across the community, whether it is faith-based, social organizations or individuals, to encourage people to go vote.

Representative Daniels stressed, “This is a non-partisan effort. This effort does not tell individuals which party to vote for, but it educates them on the importance of WHY certain positions are important, such as your school board, state legislative positions, judges, sheriffs, and so forth.”

Whereas the General Election is important, our local elections have a direct impact where we live. Representative Daniels shared that President Joe Biden received 22k more votes in Madison County than Governor Kay Ivey, due to the increase in African-American turn out. So one may ask, why is this important? Representative Daniels explained, “This is a midterm election year. Those are the individuals who can change the trajectory of our county.”

Inquiries have been made in regard to paid positions to work on Election Day. Madison County Probate Judge’s Office is looking for poll workers and there may be some candidates who may pay people to work the polls as well. However, Representative Daniels is more focused on getting people to the polls. “It’s great to have people to work the polls, but if there aren’t any people going to the polls to vote, it can be a wasted effort.”