Madison County Votes

Story complied by Speakin’ Out News and photos credits by Shelly Williams SON photographer

Alabama Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, District 53

On June 12th, Representative Anthony Daniels, Rep. Laura Hall, and United Women of Color presented a non-partisan voter turn-out initiative meeting at G’s Country Kitchen.

Part of the mission of the initial meeting was to organize groups, community leaders, and political activists to ensure that every registered voter, especially the Black voters vote in the midterm election in November. Emphasis was placed on House Districts 4,6,10,19,20,21,22,25,53 and the impact of the local elections.

Across sections of community leaders, organizations were in attendance. Literature was distributed and showed the data on the infrequent voters in house districts, criminal justice, and economic reasons to vote.

For further information, call Angela Curry at 256- 527-1013 for the next meeting.

(LEFT) Maurice Russell, owner, G’s Country Kitchen, (FAR RIGHT) William D. Smothers, publisher, Speakin’ Out News with his granddaughter, (CENTER) Zoie Roberson.
INTERN STUDENTS (L-R): Samuel McKinney University of Alabama; Madison Vital, Louisiana State University; and Zoie Roberson, University of Massachusetts in Boston
Attendants listen to Angela Curry discuss strategies for having a more robust voter turn-out in Madison County.