One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed, Columnist

Thanks to Speakin Out News and to our many dedicated readers. It was a beautiful week weather wise and I was so happy that many of the big storms went around Huntsville. Thanks to Speakin Out News, the best paper in our city.  Please subscribe for your friends and family.  

I want to thank the many citizens that speak and recognize me when I am out in public. Mr. George Wells wrote a song about me called, “The Legend of Jackie Reed” and you can find it on YouTube. Mr. Wells said he had been following me for years before he wrote the song and hired someone else to sing it. The song says, “She is a woman you will love or a woman you will hate.” This is true. He also wrote a song for the veterans and was recognized by the Mayor and City Council. The mayor told Mr. Wells if he ever wrote another song about me that he wanted to give him some words to add which I am sure he does.


The elections are this month. The new candidates are taking on the incumbents in office with so much negative campaigning, how does the public know who to vote for. The people deserve to know more about the how the candidates would vote on the current issues and bills being changed.


The news is publishing that Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed business and personal details of his dealings with China energy executives. President Biden says he did not know about the details with these CEFC China Energy dealings. According to the paper a lot of money has been transferred to Hunter from the Chinese Energy conglomerates. It will be interesting so see what all get uncovered through these investigations.


The city of Madison more than doubled its revenue through its Rocket City Tash Pandas baseball team in 2021 an exceeded its minimum $1 million annual income guarantee.  Mayor Finley said the report was good news for the city and the team.


I am bothered by our city politicians for several reasons. I see the City is still chasing funds for a Skybridge that would link neighborhoods on the west side of the Memorial Parkway with jobs and businesses on the eastside. Kathy Martin, the City Director of Engineering speaks of grant monies they have been trying to get for years. The City Council approved hiring The Ferguson Group for grant writing services for a project labeled Pedestrian Access and Redevelopment Corridor. The city is paying the Ferguson Group $18,840 for their services. Projected cost for the project is expected to be $50 Million with ½ hopefully coming from grants. Why does the city want to spend so much on bicycle paths and skybridges when we can’t take care of the traffic issues we have?

Love you all and have a blessed week.