Story submitted by Lakeside United Methodist Church with courtesy photos

Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Randy Kelley, Pastor, Lakeside United Methodist Church held its Community Hero and Heroine Awards to honor residents from the Huntsville Community. Honorees, left or right-Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel and CarolynJ ackson, Mr.WilliamSmothers, Mr. Willie Smith, Mr.Lester Byars, Rev. Dr. Randy Kelley, Mrs. Ollye Conley, Mr. William Hampton, and Mr. Co’Juan Washington (Not pictured Mr. Austin Smith) (SON photo credit: Greg Miley)
(LEFT – RIGHT) Mr. William D. Smothers, publisher, Speakin’ Out News and Rev. Dr. Randy Kelly, Pastor, Lakeside United Methodist Church. (SON photo credit: Greg Miley)

(FAR RIGHT) Preston Brown performs the solo, “Victory In Name”, during the ceremony. (SON photo credit: Shelly Williams)

The Lakeside United Methodist Church, located at 3738 Meridian Street in Huntsville, held its Community Hero and Heroine Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 27. 2022, at their 11:00 a.m., worship service.

The Outreach Ministry of Lakeside UMC made the presentations to nine persons from the Huntsville community. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to each honoree, the certificate read “In recognition of your generous community engagement and participation that contribute to making our community a better place to live, work and raise our families and for inspiring others to heroic service.”

The honorees were Mr.Lester Byars, Mrs. Ollye Conley, Mr. William Hampton, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel and Carolyn Jackson, Mr. Austin Smith, Mr. Willie Smith,Mr. William Smothers, and Mr. Co’Juan Washington. Honoree Mr. Austin Smith was not present for the presentation.

Rev. Dr. Randy Kelley is Pastor of Lakeside UMC, and Dr. Sonja Gill served as Chairperson of the committee.