One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed

Thanks to Speakin Out News for allowing me to do my column each week. Their weekly paper is a gift to our community.

I hope everyone had a great week and had a chance to enjoy the few days of warm weather we have had. There are lots of people sick with Covid and colds. If you are not feeling well, please see a doctor and get tested so you can get the medicine you need early before it gets worse.

My son, daughter and I went to Dalton Georgia last week to hear my niece’s son, Billy Napier speak at the Fellowship Christian Athletics annual meeting. Billy is the new head coach for the Florida Gators and there were probably over a 1000 people at the event. He spoke on his life growing up, how he became a Christian and how God’s word is important in all areas of life, including the life as a coach and athlete. On the same night of the event his younger brother Kurt was appointed the Head Football Coach for Murry County High School in GA and their other brother is the Head Coach at LaGrange High School. They are a strong faith-based football family and I am very proud of each of these young men.

I had to miss the City Council Meeting last week but it was probably a good thing as I would have had to let our leaders hear it once again over the tearing down of the parking garage across for the Municipal Building. God has informed that there is nothing I can do to stop them from tearing this down but I think tearing it down is one of the worse things to happen to our city.

There is another bad deal going on across from the Post Office on Governors Drive. The developers are building another small Bridge Street right on the city right-of-way. Please leaders use some common sense when approving these deals.

Election Year
This August is election year for 3 City Council members and the School Board. There are also several candidates running for Governor and gas tax hikes is one of the major topics of the election.

All 6 candidates for the 5th Congressional District will be speaking at the Madison County Republican Men’s Club on Saturday at the South Campus of Whitesburg Baptist Church on at 7300 Whitesburg Drive.

Our traffic in this city is getting outrageous. What happened to the Southern Bypass that was being discussed? Speeders are flying all around town and need to be ticketed before they injure others. Are our city leaders too busy building parking garages for their developer friends to afford more police officers?

Love you all and have a blessed week.