One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed, Columnist

Thanks, to Speakin Out News and to our many dedicated readers. I appreciate the Smothers family for allowing me to publish my column and my son who helps edit and submit it each week.

Surprise, Surprise. Last Tuesday I was very sick, and my daughter had made me an appointment for Wednesday to take the COVID-19 Virus shot. I told her I was not feeling well and had concerns about taking the vaccine.  I ask GOD to help me make the decision on whether I should take the shot or not. After I prayed for an answer, I did not get sick anymore that whole day.  The next morning, I went to get the vaccine. Huntsville Hospital had set up a place at the Jaycee’s building in John Hunt Park on Airport Road. It was packed with people but since I had an appointment I did not have to wait, and they did a great job. I had heard that 2,200 people had been there. You can go online at Huntsville Hospital to make an appointment. Ask your doctor about it. 


There was a great article on Rosa Parks in the Sunday Huntsville Times newspaper.  It told how she boarded a city bus in Montgomery Alabama and was told to give up her seat for white passengers but refused to do so and was arrested. Her courage helped to end segregation.  In 1996 Mrs. Parks received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award a civilian can receive.  On October 24, 2005 at the age of 92 she died at her apartment in Detroit. Several years ago, I was deeply honored to receive the Rosa Parks Woman of Courage award from the NAACP. It has meant so much to me.


We were lucky that the winter weather storm last week was not as bad here as it was in Texas and other states.  So many are suffering because of the storm. I pray our winter weather will be over soon. 


City Leaders, please study our planning better for the City of Huntsville as there are too many big buildings being built in the streets and too close together. We had a beautiful city but whoever is doing the planning for Huntsville now is just making a mess.  It seems the big developers have practically been given our City properties with 50-year leases and then we build them large parking garages with our taxpayer money. Mayor Battle, I do not believe these are your ideas as you did good the first 8 years you were in office and suddenly things went wild in Huntsville. The public is not involved anymore as there are no meetings to discuss these ideas before they are passed. Many people show up at the Zoning and Variance Board meetings, but the planners have already made deals with the developers and will not listen to the concerns from the neighborhoods.  As you know we have traffic problems and speeders and I do not see these issues brought up at the State meetings when they come to Huntsville.  All our leaders seem to care about is building big hotels we cannot afford, changing ordinances and opening more and more breweries all over our city. Who owns the Stone Middle School breweries anyway?

Love you all and have a blessed week.