The Adversary In the White House America Should Be Very Afraid

By Sandra F. Beckard, SON Writer

Sandra F. Beckard, SON Writer

Huntsville, AL – Here are the names of some Dictators and how they are ranked among 117 listed. #1 Adolf Hitler, #7 Saddam Hussein, #9 Kim JongUn, #10 Fidel Castro, #12 Idi Amin, #18 Muammar al-Gaddafi, #23 Mobuta Sese Seko, and #24 JeanClaude Duvalier. These names should resonate with everyone if you have kept up with the fall of democracy in the countries where they have ruled or continue to rule. No, I did not forget Vladimir Putin, who should be ranked #1 today and considered America’s #1 Adversary. Yet the current occupant of the people’s house is infatuated and idealizes him as well as other dictators. He has notoriously celebrated the Russian president as a “strong leader.” When you idealize someone it suggests that you would like to be just like that person.

A dictator takes control by democratic erosion. This is done by the weakening of political institutions that sustain the democratic system such has the peaceful transition of power, (checked), free and fair elections are degraded (checked), rights of freedom of speech, press, and association (checked), the political opposition to challenge the government (checked), the judicial and bureaucratic restrains on the government is weakened (checked), and manufactures or overemphasizes a national security threat to create “a sense of crises” that will allow the government to malign critics as weak or unpatriotic (double checked). All these actions are right out of Vladimir Putin’s play book that is being put into action by the current administration. No American Citizen, living or deceased, would have imagined that a “known” adversary of our country would be controlling our government. Under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, his followers realized too late that he was mentally ill. By the time they figured this out he had already done immeasurable damage to the lives of the people and that country. The same thing is happening here.

If you are still not sure there is a Dictator/Adversary in plain sight, he told us when he said that the Top Law Enforcement Officer, William Barr, (The Justice Department) belonged to him. When he stood on the balcony of the White House, after being released from Walter Reed, just picture the Dictators named in the first paragraph, this is what they do/did when they stand/stood before the people who cannot speak out against them. Remember it’s all about them. Be Very Afraid America.