One Woman’s Opinion

Jackie Reed, Columnist

Thanks, Speakin Out News and to our many dedicated readers.   Thanks for life, health, faith and family.  We must give thanks daily.  God cares about all of us and he is my partner and never ask for money.  There are many who think they will take their money with them when they leave here but God has no place for them to spend it.

These are some trying times that we are going thru today with our health, history, and politics being affected.  Is it the new young generation that wants to change everything?   Other countries caused this VIRUS because whey wanted to destroy people in America. 


The teachers and staff members are concerned about the coronavirus as students are returning to school this week. The Huntsville Education Association had a meeting according to HEA UNIServ Director Adam Keller to discuss the teachers’ concerns. Keller said in an interview that teachers complained about lack of communication from the school system administration.   Despite what has been said at the school board meetings, employees had not been well informed and not prepared.  We must work closely with our children at home and tell them how serious this is,


We must never not de-fund our police officers as they are working for us.  Political officials and law enforcement have a tough job in performing their duties as needed and making all people happy.  If I was a protester and was told to leave a protest at a particular location, I would not have wasted any time getting out of there.  If these people would obey the law and do as the officers say many of these police instances would not be happening. My neighborhood has blue porch lights outside their houses supporting the Police Officers.


Why on earth are our elected officials tearing up our city to put in bicycle sidewalks?   Remember when the City golf course was given up for the bicycle people.  What happened there?  Our Streets are so narrow now we can hardly drive without having a wreck. Who would believe we made a one-way narrow street in front of where the old, downtown Holiday Inn was across from the park? It appears our City built a parking garage on City owned property in front of the Old Times building downtown for the owner of the building. The residents in the condos and apartments across the street were against this building but do you think our City Planners would listen?  Just another example of our City Leaders helping the big developers with our City property. Leaders, please use some common sense as you are ruining our city. Please also stop changing the city ordinances and giving our City property away to help the big developers.

Love you all and have a blessed week.