Stay Woke Series: This is “Good Tea”

Don’t Trust the Poll Numbers

By Sandra F. Beckard

Sandra F. Beckard, Speakin Out News Staff Writer

Huntsville, AL – “If I Had Not Opened My Mouth Then I Wouldn’t Have Gotten Caught” This statement is on a sign in a small restaurant called The Fish Hut, located in Jackson, MS.

The statement reminded me that sometimes some of us talk too much. As the General Election is right upon us, all the “talking heads” from the local and national medias are showing  Poll numbers that Biden is ahead of the current occupant of the “People’s House.”  Remember, we’ve been here before.  In 2016 the polls and forecasters showed Hillary Clinton would beat her opponent by 62%. Well… see what happened! What pollsters failed to realize was that her opponent’s supporters were hidden, and that continues today.  Some people who say they are voting for Biden are not. No one can predict human behavior because people will lie to achieve their goals.  Never rely on data that can be easily manipulated.

Remember “The Bradley Effect!” For those of you who have forgotten and for those who don’t know what happened “The Bradley Effect” is referenced  to the 1982 California Governor’s Race, in which Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, an African American, lost to state Attorney General George Deukmejian even though a popular election-eve poll showed that he was ahead by a solid seven points.  The racial dynamics that appeared to be the cause of his narrow and unexpected loss gave rise to this political term.

Poll numbers will have you take your eyes off the prize. That’s what it is designed to do thus the danger. If someone asks you who you are voting for, don’t tell them. It’s not their business! Your vote is secret!  Don’t be like the fish that got caught!   The only way not to see a repeat of “The Bradley Effect” is to go silent and let your vote be your voice. 

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