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Dear District 1,
Many of you know of me and my family, lifelong citizens of our district. But or you who don’t know me, my name is Alan Christopher Baker, I am running to be your council representative for District 1 and Iam asking you for your vote on August 25, 2020. I go by the name of “Chris”. I’m a graduate of J.O. Johnson High School and Athens State University. I’ve spent 3 years to date working on a law degree from Birmingham School of Law. I’m the owner of Chris Barbershop located just off the corner of Winchester Road and Pulaski for the past 22 years. I’ve been active in the District 1 community coaching and tutoring our young children to be responsible citizens. I’ve followed the growth of our community and talked often with our current and past leaders, i.e., Dr. Richard Showers, Sr., Dr. James Dawson, Dr.Oscar Montgomery, Commissioner Robert “Bob” Harrison, Alice Sams, Michelle Watkins, Representative Laura Hall, Representative Anthony Daniels and many other community leaders and activist as to the issues that impact our district.

For 28 years prior to the last 4 years, we had strong responsible representation on the Huntsville City Council. I’m running because District 1 has been left behind these past 4 years, while our current representative Mr. Devyn Keith has sold out to the powers of South Huntsville and is more of a representative for Districts 2 and 3, than District 1. He has not been responsive to the citizens of District 1, in that he doesn’t return calls. He doesn’t fight for our share of tax money to be spent in our district, he votes against the citizens of our district as to complaints against the city, he has supported a police chief whose polices and actions have shown him to be unfit for our district and the city as a whole. He allowed the city to tear down the Historical Council High School. He was the deciding vote to tear down a daycare owned by a District 1 resident who had a city issued permit to remodel, at a cost of $32,000.00 to that young black lady. He led the charge and was the deciding vote to terminate the City vehicle impound contract which was awarded to a black contractor after only 4 month. He voted to award the contract to a white contractor who had the previous contract for 3 years and a history of contract violations and citizens’ complaints.

Mr. Keith main accomplishment in four years was to secure a raise for himself by continuously bringing the issue to the council floor to raise the mayor salary, knowing it would raise his salary since the council salary is a percentage of the Mayor’s salary. Even in light of the mayor’s veto he kept bringing the issue to the floor until it passed. There is a passage in the Scriptures that talk about a wolf in sheep clothing!

Again, to you my fellow citizens of District 1, I love our district. I promise you, that if you vote for me to be your councilman, I’ll return every call, I’ll fight for you every day, I’ll represent you and not other districts. I’ll work earnestly and honestly with the mayor and other council members to bring to our district medical facilities, grocery stores, office buildings, hotels, housing developments and business opportunities. I’ll work hard with both Chamber of commerce to bring companies to the Northern Industrial Park. Working together, we can make a difference. “VOTE CHRIS BAKER ON AUGUST 25, 2020.”