AAMU’s Commitment to United Way

(Left to Right) President Andrew Hugine, Jr., Ms. Claudia Bucher (United Way) and Ms. Tarsha Lockhart (AAMU United Way Campaign Chair)
(Left to Right) Ms. Chastity Jones, Mrs. Ursula Brooks, President Andrew Hugine, Jr., Dr. Annette Mohan, Ms. Lanisha Leslie and Ms. Tarsha Lockhart

This is the 4th year during the last decade, that AAMU has participated in the United Way Campaign during the month of October. Ms. Tarsha Lockhart served as this year’s United Way Campaign Chair. The members of the United Way Steering Committee were Mrs. Ursula Brooks, Ms. Chastity Jones, Ms. Lanisha Leslie, and Dr. Annette Mohan.

This year’s total of $46,331 represents a 65.3% increase over the previous year and was the highest amount raised in the past four years. The total of Red Feathers ($1,000 or above) was 20, which was a 186% increase from 2017. Gold level sponsors increased by 8%, silver level sponsors by 130% and there was a total of 32 university departments with a 100% employee give rate, a 45% increase from 2017.
The University’s participation in the United Way Campaign is one of the many ways that the university actualizes her motto, “Service is Sovereignty.”