Representatives Hall and Daniels Sponsor Women’s GOTV Luncheon

Story and photo by Phyllis Jones, Speakin‘ Out News senior staff writer

(LEFT – RIGHT): Eddie Sherrod, chairman, Huntsville/Madison County ADC chapter and TV personality, Tanya Acker

Local officials are making sure residents, especially women, are inspired to Get Out The Vote (GOTV). Representatives Laura Hall (District 19) and Anthony Daniels (District 53) sponsored the Women’s GOTV Luncheon that was held October 25, 2018 at the Knight Center, on the campus of Alabama A&M University. Special guest speaker was attorney and TV personality Tanya Acker.

Attorney Acker, who is best known as a judge on the syndicated court show Hot Bench, expressed the importance of being at the Women’s GOTV event. “I wanted to come to Alabama because this was the birthplace of the civil rights movement. Voting is a civil right and one of the most important things we can do, to protect ourselves and our democracy.”

When Attorney Acker first met Representative Daniels, she was impressed with his GOTV efforts. She was particularly compelled by Alabama because it seemed as though we were turning out voters who haven’t been voting regularly. “The idea of finding ways to inspire and motivate new voters is critical and important,” Attorney Acker stated.

The event drew 100 or so attendees. Even though it was geared toward women, a few good men were also present. Madison County Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC) Chairman Eddie Sherrod was recognized for his untiring commitment to mentorship and dedication to inspiring civic engagement. Attorney Acker presented the award on behalf of Representatives Hall and Daniels.